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For decades, Earth's Attack Cruisers have taken a pounding from an undefeatable enemy. An enemy so alien and so incomprehensible Earth's armies are close to utter devastation; clueless as to how to challenge the impending annihilation of the human race.
For the first time in the twenty-seven year war the enemy has placed a base of operation on a planet and Admiral Ezocaagbo Akobundu-Tan is willing to risk the destruction of her fleet in order to get one man on to that planet, Lume, a highly trained special forces operative. He is also a Stinger, a human adapted for a single purpose - to kill...


The Explorer Corps' spaceship Arabia has the distinction of being the ship that has travelled the farthest distance from Earth. Eight days ago Earth lost communication with the Arabia. The spacefighter, Baddest, is one of a pair of spaceship that, at over fifty miles long are the largest machines ever built. Baddest is normally crewed by the Air Force's Ace Crew II but for this mission the crew is supplemented by the Navy's Special Combat Team Alpha. The Navy and Air Force are bitter space-borne rivals.

Mission: To find the vessel Arabia or to establish, beyond reasonable doubt, her fate and that of her crew.


All Woman

  One man

    Two women

      Three chances

  Four friends



She was the only one who could reunite the Empire and restore to its citizens the security that this brought. Without any doubt she was, singularly, the most important being alive. She and her cousin were the last of an Imperial bloodline. But her cousin could not easily supplant her. For Hial to sit on the Imperial throne she would need to be victorious in a bitter and bloody war. Such a war was to be avoided if at all possible. Therefore the primary task for Empress Morturina I, and those who served her, was to ensure her survival - at least until she had borne an heir to the Imperial throne.


Clare is white, Patrick is black. They are from entirely different worlds, but, when they met, they fell madly in love - perhaps opposites do attract. Now they plan to get married. A straightforward proposition, right? Well, maybe not. Set against them and their wishes are a host of 'interested parties': Clare's sister, Emma. Patrick's best friends, Harry and Nathan, and his ex-girlfriend Otis. And of course, their parents want to have a say as well.


The whole purpose of The Thinking Man's Guide To Pregnancy, Childbirth and Fatherhood is to re-establish men's rightful place in childbearing and rearing.

Ray Anthony's invaluable book is a step-by-step survival guide to all the potential pitfalls of pregnancy from the man's point of view and covers everything they need to know but have been too afraid to ask (or just too ignorant) - until now!


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