Ray Anthony
Published by ACE - £7.99
ISBN 978 0 9526287 5 0
eBook $3.99

In'tor-fas, n. - a surface or plane forming a common boundary between two parts:
a point of communication as between disciples: the surface of seperation between phases.

Interface is a powerful and thought provoking first novel that explores the dynamics of mixed culture relationships from opposite sides of the racial divide. It also highlights wider issues such as parental influence, how the stronger personalities of both sexes can manipulate the the weaker ones, and the nature of love as opposite to mutual lust.

Clare is white, Patrick is black. They come from entirely different worlds but when they meet, they fall madly in love. It's not only the colour of their skin that is different, they also have very contrasting characters. They say love is blind but both patrick and Clare are taken aback by the reactions to their marriage plans. Clare's sister, Emma, does everything she can to dissuade her. Then there are Parick's best friends, Harry and Nathan, to contend with as well as his ex-girlfriend, Otis, who tries to get back into his life. There's also Patrick's sister, Amanda, to be won over as well as their mother, Mrs. B, and Clare's parents, James and Veronica. And Clare has another sister, Sara, who just happens to be married to an Afrikaneer.

Add Emma's growing attraction to Harry and you have all the ingredients of a brilliant debut novel that sheds a penetrating light on the sex war and black culture and society in Britain.

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